Guided tours

Ronny has been a recognized national guide for South Africa for many years, both cultural and nature guide.

His knowledge about Southern Africa is very extensive and he provides all tours in 5 languages: Dutch, French, German, English and Afrikaans. He has an official South African driving license and Professional Driver Permit (PDP). He also has many years of 4×4 driving experience.

Pongoa Travel also has all the required permits and insurances, is an accredited tour operator for South Africa and our vehicles already have the necessary permits.

With Ronny as a guide and driver, you can enjoy your holiday to the limit.

Moreover, our guided tours are very unique and exclusive as they are only done with 2 to 4 participants. You can assemble your own group or participate exclusively as a couple.

We also organize guided tours with larger groups, especially on request for the number of participants. This is usually the case for traveling through Namibia, Botswana or Lesotho as a good knowledge of the terrain is required here and you need a guide car that is equipped with all the auxiliary equipment in case of an emergency.

These trips are very appealing to travelers who want to gain the experience of driving 4×4 and thus want to go on a more adventurous journey with a professional back-up.

Pongoa Travel then rents extra vehicles with which the journey is undertaken.


Self drive tours


South Africa in particular is a country that is ideal for someone who wants to travel around himself.

We offer a number of self-drive packages, but other tailor-made tours are also possible.

We will arrange a rental car for you that is ready to start your journey. We offer the rental cars with a total package of full insurance (even without any exemption in case of accident or theft) – unlimited mileage – windshield and tire insurance – liability insurance – Contract costs – VAT – Personal accident insurance.

You will also receive a fully detailed ‘scenario’ that contains your travel route each day, the number of km and the route to be followed, the sights
you must visit and, in case you booked, together with all vouchers for the accommodations that were arranged for you.

Tailor-made tours

If you do not find what you are looking for in our guided or self-drive tours – no problem because we also arrange complete tours according to your budget, depending on budget, duration, interest and personal wishes. With these ‘Tailor Made’ trips you can determine your own itinerary and route. You just give us your wishes and we work out your entire journey so that you can leave without worry and relaxation. The only thing you have to do is book your plane tickets to Southern Africa. Your entire trip is organized and you don’t have to worry about anything else. These tailor-made tours can be guided both with a guide and driver and on a self-drive basis.

In case we have to propose a complete tour for you, a quotation price of €100 will be charged which will be deducted in case you actually book the trip at Pongoa Travel.